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Wound skin closure strip


  • It is a good assistant for sewing up the surgical wound caused by surgical and cosmetic surgery operation.
  • Caring the surgical wound after taking out stitches, reducing scar formation.
  • Bonding and repairing the little wound by hurt in daily lift, such as the stab wound, the cut wound and so on.

Specification Explain pcs/box boxes/carton
1.2cm x 10cm 5-10cm wound 100 10
0.6cm x 10cm 5-10cm wound 100 10
0.6cm x 3.8cm Less than 5cm 50 20
0.6cm x 7.5cm Less than 5cm 50 20
0.3cm x 7.5cm Less than 5cm 50 20

Sketch Map

According to customer requirements to produce different specifications
  • Wound skin closure strip
    Wound skin closure strip


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    • Firstly cleaning the wound by physiological saline and keep it dry completely.
    • Secondly, paste the closure from the 2 edges successively to avoid the wound dehiscence.
    • Secondly, applying it from the two edges of wound to the middle for avoiding the wound dehiscence.
    • At Last, press the closure smoothly to keep it pasted well, assure there is no crevices.

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