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Transparent dressing


  • High Permeability: avoid skin from soaking;
  • Preventing the bacteria invasion: No risk of external infection;
  • Waterproof: patient can take shower or tubbing;
  • Transparence: wound can be observed any time;
  • Softness and comfort: suit for all parts of the body, lower alleries;
  • Strong viscosity: adhering to the wound for one week;
  • Satefy and convenience: we can paste the dressing faster and accurately as the perfect products structure we designed;
  • Variety of sizes: different styles , more choices for clinic using.


  • Fixing I.V Catheter, PICC and CVC;
  • Fixing anaesthesia catheter, pulmonary artery catheter, hemodialysis catheter and PCA;
  • Care for friction skin or wet skin, such as skin care after trachea incision, skin care when gatism, bedsore precaution;
  • Care for slight bruise, cut, suturing wound;
  • Accessorial dressing for fixing other dressings.

According to customer requirements to produce different specifications
  • Transparent dressing
    Transparent dressing A107 7cm*8.5cm
  • Transparent dressing
    Transparent dressing A101 4.4cm*4.4cm
  • Transparent dressing
    Transparent dressing B101 4.4cm*4.4cm
  • Transparent dressing
    Transparent dressing A101U 4.4cm*4.4cm
  • Transparent dressing
    Transparent dressing A103 5cm*5.7cm
  • Transparent dressing
    Transparent dressing A105 6cm*7cm
  • Transparent dressing
    Transparent dressing B105 6cm*7cm
  • Transparent dressing
    Transparent dressing A105U 6cm*7cm


  • Open the sterile package and take out the transparent dressing, peel off paper backing, and stick on the skin. Before sticking, make sure the skin disinfectants on the puncture site are clean and dry.

  • Observe the puncture site through the dressing, Make sure that I.V point is at the centre of the dressing, and place the incision of the paper frame right onto I.V catheter.

  • Stick the dressing to the skin naturally, do not pull or drag it. Press the dressing around the puncture site slightly, then peel off the release paper frame from the incision, at the same time, press the dressing to smooth it.

  • Smooth the dressing. Write down the patient's name, date, bed No. on record tape, and stick it on one side of the dressing to make the dressing easy to be removed. The tape also can be used to enhance the fixing of the tube.

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