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  • the hydrocolloid skin barrier has the performance of anti-maceration, low allergy, and rarely warping and leakage. It has excellent exudation absorbent and long sticking ability (up to 7days).It is soft comfortable and convenient to use.
  • the material of stoma bag possesses high obstructing ability, it is softcomfortable and covert and safe.
  • Eliminate odor with active carbon , discharge intestinal gas easily.
  • humanized design can meet needs of different stoma.


  • clean stoma and the surrounding skin.
  • measure stoma with measuring guide before cutting out the hole and Leave only 1/8" to 1/16" between the measuring guide and the stoma.
  • Remove paper backing from barrier and apply the entire appliance over the stoma. Make sure the stoma is in the center of the hole. pressing it all around to make sure it stick firmly.
  • keep locking ring unlock, snap the pouch onto the barrier, should feel the tray "click" into place.
  • remove the bag: press the lug to unlock the locking ring, lift the bag from bottom to up while pulling it away from barrier. If you choose open type bag, please close it with the clip before sticking.
According to customer requirements to produce different specifications
  • Clamp
    Clamp 81001 95cm*10.5cm
  • One system closed
    One system closed M101&M201 148mm*190mm
  • One system closed
    One system closed M102&M202 142mm*200mm
  • One system open
    One system open M103&M203 142mm*292mm
  • One system open
    One system open M104&M204 145mm*292mm
  • One system open
    One system open M105&M205 148mm*292mm
  • One system open
    One system open M106&M206 142mm*292mm
  • One system urine bag
    One system urine bag M107&M207 160mm*278mm

Healthy Life       AoKi Together
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